When a miracle appears…

From that time, I know I was in trouble, seeking help and begging for something.I thought, doing that would make me more motivated but not. So, I tried putting an end to that and occasionally moved into a new path..

I’ve tried to just go with the flow, do whatever things that would really make me happy.Although. I felt Happiness yet, that happiness I felt was like not shinning. It’s not enough to make me shine, to be able to feel real happiness.. I’m incomplete.

I felt terrible and sometimes wanted to commit suicide but I’m smart, life is to be cherish.
though my dream wouldn’t come up in reality I’m sure there are some that will.. I just have to wait for that perfect time to appear.

So, to tell you guys the truth, When I was young, I was like a prince.. not a prince with countless money but a prince that’s been spoiled with LOVE.but suddenly, it came to an end and eventually my prince’s life ends. My mom got separated from my dad and we never saw each other again.

15years had passed…Until a miracle suddenly happens.. My mom suddenly came back to me, she phoned me telling that she was sorry for all the things she had done..

That time I was like (Yey! I’m saved) She’s currently in Japan Living with her new husband and a 13year-old child. I asked her if it’s okay if she could get me to go and live and japan and she replied that It’s okay and will just have to ask an attorney what things or document she needs to get ready.

and now, I might be able to go and pursue a carrier in japan,probably?though, whatever happen I now have her with me..


Please do give help “be a Santa Claus”


First of all, I want to say Sorry to bringing this kind of topic to everyone, I know i don’t have any rights to ask money from anyone here.

Well, I know a lot of us really is in need of money, though I’ll make myself tough with this but, can I somehow ask over some money? any amount is much appreciated, please don’t hate me because I bring this up. I really don’t have any options but to post this one.

Please Ma’am,Sir. Help me somehow, also clothes and other things such as old gadgets and other things are acceptable as well as any things you’re no longer using.

If someone is interested, you can contact me via my phone number or leave a comment here.

THE REASON WHY I ASK MONEY: is to  save the given to the bank and somehow pursue again my school.

I know I sound so small, but please someone i really need help.I can’t work yet because i need to seek medication first and do some teeth thing also I’m diabetic and many stores don’t regularly hire sick one.


PLEASE, I’m calling for help. Thank you T^T

When you get bored, You try drawing!


This is so real-fun, I’m on skype that time chatting with a friend then he “BRB” so, i’m all alone. Then i tried copying DENT but, actually it seems that a new dent has finally born.

He was way more chubby here, well i did it on purpose.

I thought doing this would somehow turn out to be like originality, i so like it though.

I did it using microsoft paint only and by mouse,hehe

Somehow, Dent have his new look and need to work-out hahaha.

Miss Naughty Onion!

First of all, i need to thanks those person who liked my post!

I don’t want to be rude or anything so please try to leave some comments so, next time i know what thing should i post in here..

and to tell the truth, how do i say THANKS to those who keep liking my post??

i really wanted to tell thanks but i don’t see any PM or anything.. so i just followed you all. THANKS again!


So, let’s move to miss naughty!

I also created her 5years from now.. We were cooking that time and i accidentally saw miss onion, so i gave her a make-over!

Now, she’s ready to show how tasteful she can be..


Miss Naught Onion Make-over!

I’m so glad to give her a make-over and would also give you a makeover!

Feel free to leave some comments!

Do smile like Mango!

Ever since I was a kid, i dreamed of being someone who can be cool while doing his best everyday.

So, I tried everything. but, occasionally fails. I think I’m really destine to be like that, a kid, who don’t know where his path is…

It’s been 5years now since i photographed this picture. I’m very childish so somehow i see everything cute.

Mango Smile

The time when boredom follows

I start liking taking pictures when i was on puberty when i got my phone.


now, my phone can’t no longer be back to life..

he’s resting peacefully now.. we cherished almost 6years of my life..

thank you n73!

I hope to have a digital camera soooooonn~ or even a new high-tech smartphone!

so i can somehow continue doing my usuals..

Did you also tried to photograph  funny things? It sure was cute,right?






YUI~she loves us~

YUI~She loves you~

She really helped me a lot when it comes to motivating me with music.
Her song really keep me from moving forward..

Idolizing her since 2006 up to now..

her songs are full of emotion.


I so wish i could also do great music..

I really find it hard when doing music. There are times that I’m so at it, that actually made me more sentimental and the lyrics just pop!

but, I really don’t have the willingness to finish a song~

i really would love to know what are the great tactics to do so.
Do you tried making music? How was it?

Did you managed to complete it?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

I just want to have this phone. I need Samsung to contact me so i can experience what a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is like. too bad, i don’t have a work yet so, obviously i can’t afford it.

I wish that Samsung would see this, and contact me for a free Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

then from there, i can tell what would that feels like. In the Philippines, it would probably cost around 28,000Peso which is definitely high for an unemployed person like me.

I really wish someone would try to help me to somehow have a Galaxy Note 2.
I am really into liking the phone actually, from the appearance, it is really a phone to must have.


Oh well. if i can’t have it then, it’s okay.

“if that thing belongs to you then, it’s yours. if not, then wait”